The tenth ‘Fast and the Furious,’ which marks the start of the Toretto family’s final story?”

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After 22 years, “Fast and the Furious” is finally approaching the finish line. In May, the tenth part of the franchise is released worldwide – the first of two (so far) final films.

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Diesel discussed with the studio that it would take “more than one movie” to end a story like this. Universal management agreed. Diesel takes an active part in the project and behind the scenes 

What Vin Diesel says about the conflict and the franchise

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“I was not in the series due to the fact that I like old cars more. But I have a motorcycle. Momoa recalls that when he was an aspiring actor, he was struck by the first “Fast and the Furious”, and then the emotional intensity of the seventh film 

Diesel does not deny that Paul Walker’s character Brian O’Conner could still appear in the franchise. As for the fifth and seventh films, Deepfake technology can be used for this. “I can’t imagine our saga ending without a real goodbye to Brian O’Connor,” adds Diesel.

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